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If you would like John to speak or teach at your school or for your vocal class, email freestandingman@gmail.com.
For concerts 415-923-9702.

Learn to sing through your body, not with your body.

Conscious singing will help you to understand how the mind sends a signal to the body, telling it that a note is coming and to get the body in a position to hit that note, because it doesn't want to fail, be embarrased, humiliated or hurt by the judgement of others. When the attention is focused on the mind and body while thinking about the note coming in the future, the body contracts, and closes down, in doing so, it closes off the air, the sound and the energy. That is called a paradox... when the tool that you are using to sing with is what is stopping you from singing. That tool is the body!!! The body cannot sing! But then what will you sing with??? You will sing from the inside out, but that can only happen when you are present. When you are present you're not worrying about the future, and that can only happen when you are not in your mind, but when you are focused on what is happening now. Feeling, breathing, singing, energy, keeping time, and enunciating.
Both pictures of John teaching at
Mills College Jazz Camp, 1998.
For this, a vulnerable person is needed, one who understands that your body controlled by mind becomes armor, a barrier from anyone getting in and from your love and beautiful sound getting out. when energy or presence is in control then you will sing from the heart without fear.
I teach rock, soul, blues, jazz, world sounds, folk and vocal improvisation.

Call 415-923-9702 to make an appointment for a lesson with John or email him at freestandingman@gmail.com. John teaches in San Francisco, CA.



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