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More Recordings (all MP3 format):  

March 2003, Live Performance at the 6th Gathering of The Power of Conscious Singing students
Norwegian Wood [6.12 Mb]

1990s, John on guitar and voice
I'm a Man [5.6 Mb]

1970, Hammer on San Francisco Records:
Hang Over Horns [3.7 Mb]
Pains and Tears [3.9 Mb]
(hard rock)

1965, singing with The 7 of Us:
[3 Mb]
It's Not Easy to Forget [2.4 Mb]
on Redbird Records

1962, singing with The Devotions:
I'm in the Mood for Love [2.5 Mb]
(a capella)

1962, singing with The Devotions:
I'm So Young [2.5 Mb]
(soul /a capella)

Early 1960s, singing with The Vibes:
Fade Away [2.0 Mb]

1962, on Decca Records:
Angel Girl [3.5 Mb]


1978, John soloing in the movie "Hair":
Download mp3 [1 Mb]

1980s, John Improvising with cast of Mowgli (Jungle Book - Broadway Stage Version)
Listen [2.2 Mb]

1980s, with pianist/composer Kirk Nurock
"The Truth is Spoken with Your Eyes" [2.9 Mb]
from Mowgli (Jungle Book - Broadway Stage Version)

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