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Videos of John Performing:
Video clip from the movie "Hair" in 1978
[.mov 4 Mb]
At the Bird Cliff Jazz Festival, Woodstock, NY:
"Ask Me Now" [4.4 Mb] (jazz)
Video clip from John's Woodstock TV show in the early 90s:
"Crazy For You" [5.2 Mb] (soul)
Woodstock TV, a couple of Beatles songs:
"Norwegian Wood" [4 Mb]
"She Loves You" [3.9 Mb]
Woodstock TV. Performing with Rob Leon on guitar.
"Improv" [2.8 Mb] (soul)
"Wordless Words" [7.1 Mb] (blues)


Recordings (all MP3 format)


More Recordings (Rock/Soul/Musical/Theatre)
"Kudos to Ella Fitzgerald, but John DeRobertis is the best scat singer I've ever heard."
-- Philly Review, Philadelphia, PA

2002, Performing with Steve Cohn & Machiko Ozawa
Track 5 [8 Mb]
band: Three Ways
album: 5 Easy Pieces

2002, Performing with Steve Cohn
Flee-ee you eeyou [5.6 Mb]
band: Steve Cohn
album: The Blair Recordings on Leo Records

Oct. 2002, Live Performance at the 5th Gathering of The Power of Conscious Singing students
That's All [5.5 Mb]

2000: Ask Me Now Live recording. [5.2 Mb]

2000: Improvising at home [6.1 Mb]

1999, One Improvised Composition Separated into 3 Parts:
Part 1 - Improvising with delay [1.4 Mb]
Part 2 - Jazz improv in 5ths [5.6 Mb]
Part 3 - Classical improv [3.4 Mb]

1980s, Experimental Improv
Listen [1 Mb]

1980s, Improv with Kirk Nurock (paino), Harvie S (bass), Roger Rosenberg (sax)
Composed by Kirk Nurock
Listen [2.4 Mb]

1980s, John improvising with Jay Clayton (voice) & Kirk Nurock (piano)
Listen [4.3 Mb]

1980s, pianist/composer Kirk Nurock playing John's voice on sampler
Listen [3.3 Mb]


Misc Recordings (all MP3 format)

John's Father - Drum Tracks

Track 1 Listen

Track 2 Listen

He was 80 when this was recorded.

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