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Students' Videos:
Interviews about John's teaching and songs from students at a recent Power of Conscious Singing gathering.

student: Tony
see video
[3.9 Mb / Oct. 2002]

"John has taught me to be conscious of my body and it will create the perfect note, the perfect oneness."

"I have brought the power of conscious singing into different aspects of my life."
student: Julie
see video
[3.1 Mb / Oct. 2002]

"John has really helped me with the feeling of now."

"...a new spiritual sound that I was looking for in a teacher."

student: Katrina
see video
[4.1 Mb / Oct. 2002]

"John is open, understanding and loving."

"He refined my voice in a more beautiful, classic way."

"He definitely helped me to gain my center and helped me to ground myself."

student: Sam
see video
[4.2 Mb / Oct. 2002]

"Breath increased my range."

"John is the Zen master of singing."

student: Cara
see video
[5.0 Mb / Mar. 2003]

"To become one with that which is causing the note to appear."

"...exploring being vulnerable."
student: David
see video
[4.3 Mb / Oct. 2002]

"John gave me an understanding of opening up my voice."

student: Celeste
see video
[4.6 Mb / Mar. 2003]

"John makes sure you're balanced before you sing."

"I am more grounded and I can stay present with my music."
student: Bruce
see video
[4.2 Mb / Mar. 2003]

"He connects singing with being in the present."

"A spiritual resonance ... I feel more connected to the rest of the world."

student: Angela
see video
[4.0 Mb / Mar. 2003]

"I learned how to make sounds I could never make before."

"He's helped me move through whatever is in the way - reaching that place of creativity that is not forced."
student: John
see video
[4.2 Mb / Mar. 2003]

"He taught me how to sing rhythmically - how to feel the song and sing like an instrument."

"He gave me a confidence in learning how to sing and express yourself."

student: Bryan
see video
[4.1 Mb / Oct. 2002]

"I learned to sing from within where fear doesn't get in the way of self-expression."

"Being a singer is part of your spiritual path."
student: Richard
see video
[4.6 Mb / Mar. 2003]

"He captured my soul and passion."

"He taught me to be soulful and feel every moment of the day."

Students' Recordings (all MP3 format)

student: Glenda B
listen: "We've Lost Our Way" [5.7 Mb]
listen: "Sacred" [7.7 Mb]
listen: "Change" [6.4 Mb]

student: Mary Menzies
music produced and arranged by John DeRobertis. Teri Ferrell (bass), Andy Shirez (keyboard), Richard Levien (rhythm guitar), Ron Ricci (lead guitar), and John DeRobertis (drums).
listen: "Love Me Right Now" [3.1 Mb]
listen: "Straight To Heaven" [3.2 Mb]

student: Chris Wilson
listen: "A Little Bit of Everything" [3.2 Mb]

student: Sam Rogers
listen: "One Mouth Band" [4.7 Mb]
listen: "Walking In Your Footsteps" [2.4 Mb]

student: Suzi Maclay
band: Andalusia
listen: "Tomorrow" [4 Mb]
listen: "Ghosts" [4.5 Mb]

student: Lavay Smith
band: Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers
album: Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout Miss Thing!"
listen: "Honey Pie" [3.8 Mb]

student: Justin
listen: "Track2" [3.2 Mb]

student: Desi Gamez
listen: "Woman in Black" [3.9 Mb]

student: Teri Ferrell
band: Game SF
listen: "All This Time" [3.2 Mb]

student: Bryan
band: Madelia
listen: "Untrue" [3.7 Mb]

student: Vladimir Sarser
band: Mir
listen: "Live with Grace" [3.4 Mb]

student: RJX
listen: "Crawling in Your Head"[6.2 Mb]

student: Cara
band: Carascene
listen: "Austin, the Weight of Nothingness" [6.2 Mb]

student: Erik Noyes
band: Radio Noise
listen: [3.4 Mb]

student: Joan Laqui
album: "Shrinking Violet"
produced by John

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