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The Teachings of The Power of Conscious Singing
Conscious singing is the divine communicating its presence when the body and mind are not in control. When the one who is singing is not the singer, but is exploring each moment, and that can only happen when there is no mind to tell us that we are the singer and get ready to hit the note or you will fail, or if you hit it you will succeed. Failure and success are measurements of the mind which is the world of opposites-failure, success, good, bad, happy, sad, giving, taking, true and false. The one who believes he is the singer (the body) is taking his cue from the mind. But the problem is, the body can't sing, it can only resonate. So in its effort to sing it has become a paradox. The one that is trying to sing (the body-mind) is the one who is stopping us from singing. In its effort to sing, the body can only contract, because it believes it's the singer.
In doing so it closes down, stopping most of the flow of breath, sound, energy and light. What will happen then is a contracting and unloving sound which is choppy like the mind in its decision making. When the body-mind is not in control, there is grace; everything  flows (breath, sound, energy and light) because the body is expanded, relaxed, and present, which brings presence. Everything is flowing because you are not thinking about the future where there is anxiety and fear, and you are not in the past where there is criticism and judgement. The note is free, because you are free. Sound, flowing on breath, which is a modified form of energy, which is a modified form of light. In essence, we are light, and we are singing through the body, not with the body, communicating divine love through energy and creativity. Because we are just singing,  (not the singer) we are free of the need for approval, which brings temporary euphoria and hurt.  We should sing for the joy of being creative and communicating the divine.  So only a whole person can be free to sing. One who nothing can be added to or taken away from, because they are already happy, already whole and not susceptible to, or attached to any one, or thing, outside of themselves.
This teaching is to be lived every moment of every day, not just singing, but to teach without being the teacher, to give without being the giver. Everywhere, in the workplace, in relationships and religion. Because anywhere you bring a mind which speaks for you, it will stop you from being present and loving. The mind has been a tool that has kept us from communicating love,  little by little, separating us  from the hurt, until we were safe in the body-mind where no-one could reach us, stopping the Divine in us from  reaching  out. To be free of this armor is to see that the mind, (when we are present) has no power, and in that awareness, in that exploration of the unknown, we may feel the energy, be the energy, free to love and to sing, free of all boundaries, to communicate this presence to others.

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